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Michael B. Moore is a sought after adviser on brand strategy, marketing, and all things consumer facing. Over the years, he has helped a wide variety of companies to build their brands, increase sales and market value.

In a world of confusing consulting options, you can find confidence in selecting an adviser who has actually been in your shoes; who - instead of simply being a service provider on the sidelines - has actually had his 'neck on the line' and successfully managed consumer companies and brands before.  

Michael "cut his teeth" as a brand manager on the largest and most valuable brand in the world - the Coca-Cola brand.  Over the course of his career, he has led startup/high growth brands, a more mature food company brand, and a cutting-edge technology brand.  Moreover, he has consulted with a broad variety of consumer companies almost literally, from soup to nuts.

Michael brings world class expertise and innovative thinking on consumer behavior and brand strategy to the challenge of growing your brand. In fact, he recently published his first book on how to create the strongest, monetizable consumer/brand relationships called, Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - Inside the Heart and Mind of the Consumer. In the book, Michael offers groundbreaking insight into how and why consumers connect with the various brands in their lives. It answers specific questions about how to build your brand in a more precise and powerful way.

At the same time, Michael has significant general management experience - actually running companies. In the late 90's, Michael was President/Chief Marketing Officer of a pioneering social media company. Most recently, Michael was CEO of a specialty food company. These general management roles greatly inform his insights and perspectives. It adds a measure of practical thinking and judgment that's just not possible without that kind of leadership responsibility.

Michael advises on all aspects of marketing - with an emphasis on building strong brands by creating lasting and loyal consumers who are physically and emotionally connected to what you're selling.  

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