Entrepreneur's Mastermind Bootcamp


The moderator/coach, Michael B. Moore, currently operates one of the largest and most successful business Mastermind groups on Meetup.com with over 1,000 members. Take a look at some testimonials from that, Atlanta Masterminds, group:

 I think this is a wonderful group and Michael does an excellent job facilitating and bringing the synergy of the individuals together to brainstorm and share. 

— Chris 

 An incredible experience! 

— Robert Williams III 

 5 Stars. This was my first meeting and I got a lot out of it. I enjoyed the individuals. Helpful perspectives. A meeting with common goals. Minds in action. I highly recommend it. Bring your mind. 

— Sunny 

 Excellent hosting by Michael Moore, learned a lot, met great people 

— Pristine 

 Great! I enjoyed the group meeting, and I got such great feedback! 

— Dana 

 Very impressed! People from different walks of life interested in helping you get to where you want to go. 

— Victor 

 The Meetup was Awesome ! 

— Walter Applewhite 

 It is a very dynamic group with very well-spoken individuals contributing positive and enthusiastic ideas. I would highly recommend this group to everyone seeking to brand himself/herself or his/her product, especially if it is a bit "out of the box". 

— Mary Beth Lemoine 

 Kudos to Michael, great format! 

— Rich Casanova 

"It was so wonderful to see all of the new faces and old vets! You guys helped me so much. Can't wait for the next one."

Casey B.

"Awesome first meet, it was a pleasure to meet all of you. The energy was amazing it's always great to be surrounded by like minded individuals."

Dwayne R Jordan Jr

"Great first time visit. Lots of useful info and good energy."

Chef Jack


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