A Mastermind Group: What is it? What's in it for you?

Your Personal Board of Advisors

Our Mastermind Groups are for entrepreneurs and small/mid-sized business professionals looking to achieve stretch goals in their career and lives.   It's objective will focus on goal-setting and brainstorming but also heavily emphasize execution.  It’s one thing to come up with a “great idea”.  It’s another to actually execute it!  

In either entrepreneurial or corporate environment, success is a function of making more good decisions and less bad ones, while executing diligently, and mastering the softer, people challenges with precision.  

Here’s how the group will do it:

  • 1 Monthly Mastermind Group Meeting
  • 1 Monthly One-on-One Coaching Call
  • 24/7 Access to a Private Online Member Forum
  • Periodic guest presenters - relevant CEO’s, executives, consultants, academics, etc

The Private Mastermind Group supports you in the achievement of your goals by helping you:

  • Brainstorm and bulletproof big ideas re: objectives, strategy, tactics, & management
  • Make more good decisions and fewer bad ones
  • Be more accountable to your goals, aspirations, and personal potential
  • Strengthen your strategic thinking and management capabilities
  • Better manage the organizational culture at your company


What is this Private Mastermind Group and how can it help me?

As originally discussed in Napoleon Hill's 1937 book "Think and Grow Rich", a Mastermind Group is "a small "group" of like-minded advanced talents who meet periodically for mutual brainstorming/accountability sessions”.  These will be a set group of six to ten non-competitive peers who confidentially collaborate to advance each others’ careers, businesses, and professional  interests.  Members present their challenges and report on their progress to gain perspective, insight, and support in a powerful way that aggressively moves them toward their goals - far more certainly and faster than if alone.  It will, of course, deal with the hard strategic and management challenges of making something happen, as well as the frequently more complicated human realities around the fact that the fear of failure is usually far more damaging than failure itself. 

The agenda is wholly driven by the group.  In addition to regularly working on Member challenges, the group will frequently perform ‘deep dives’ into business topics that Members want to learn more about (e.g.  raising capital, leadership, management, recruiting, etc.).  Michael will bring in experts, share relevant materials, and leverage the group’s experiences to raise the bar of understanding for all. 

The group’s ultimate purpose, quite simply, is to put members in the best possible position to achieve their goals.  This is accomplished through the collaborative group process, through gaining greater insight about key success drivers, and via mentoring and coaching from Michael.

What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) should I expect?

Like most things, you’ll get out of this experience what you put into it.  That said, because of its collaborative and supportive nature, and the focus on accountability, it is expected that Members will experience extraordinary ROI’s.  Instead of being alone with their challenges, Members will have an experienced mentor/coach and an entire group of talented peers moving them forward so they can do and be their best.  As a result, Members will make dramatic progress toward achieving their goals; far greater than on their own.  In fact, for most Members, their ultimate return will be the realization of their business objectives and dreams!


As Mark Joyner says, "A Mastermind group can be that elusive spark that brings out the greatness you know has been waiting inside you."

Who is this group targeted to?  Who will it benefit most?

This Mastermind Group is for entrepreneurs and professionals in consumer facing companies (that market their product/service to consumers) committed to being their absolute best, increasing their performance and effectiveness, and accomplishing stretch goals.  If you are trying to launch a business, take your company to the next level, make a bigger impact in your current role, or anything that represents a real leap in your professional life - then this group will offer critical support and insight to get you there. 

Michael will configure groups that are intentionally diverse with respect to specific professional roles, but whose Members have broadly similar goals, seniority, and interests with a strong emphasis on chemistry and commitment.

How is this Mastermind Group different from the Meetup one?

Simply, the Meetup group offers a sample.  This group delivers the full impact and experience! 

On a practical level, there are a number of important differences - the most obvious being that the private group has a set roster of Members who meet every month and who, in time, develop a powerful rapport with each other.  The Meetup group generates fantastic instant feedback, but that’s about the extent of the experience.  Because of the size and varied group of people attending each month, it is not well suited for ongoing, executional challenges.  It can’t replicate the support and accountability that come from having a dedicated group of your peers regularly working with you.  It also doesn’t include the Coaching Calls, Private Online Member Forum, and the Annual Group Retreat that add considerably to the overall value proposition.

What is Michael’s background?

Michael B. Moore was most recently Chairman of Glory Foods Inc., a branded, specialty food company with about a $150MM retail footprint.  He is also founder of B2CGrid, a platform that helps Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) more effectively build stronger brands. With degrees from Syracuse and Duke universities and consumer packaged goods experience managing iconic global brands at Coca-Cola & Kraft, Michael has a foundation learning from some of the best. 

Michael spent the bulk of his career working with SMB companies.  He has been a trusted consultant to a wide variety of B2C firms, helping them with complex strategic and branding challenges.  As well, in addition to his Glory Foods leadership experience, in the late 90’s Michael was President and CMO of a technology startup that became a leading social media software pioneer. 

Michael has long had a passion for connecting professionals for mutual benefit.  In the mid 90’s, he was part of a group that acquired TEC (now Vistage), the leader in CEO Mastermind groups.  As well, recently Michael worked with World 50, an organization that manages high end Mastermind experiences for elite corporate executives.  Since 2002, he has managed a personal online community that attracted just under a million pageviews a month.

In 2013 Michael founded the Meetup group, Atlanta Masterminds.  The group currently has almost 600 members.

What are the monthly Coaching Calls about?

Although the core of the Mastermind experience is in the group interaction, monthly coaching calls are a way to enhance the overall value proposition and ensure that members get the support they need to remain on schedule with their progress.  At a minimum, Michael will assess progress, answer questions, offer any relevant counsel, and see if Members have any particular needs for the next meeting. 

Michael’s role in the group is part mentor, part coach, part moderator, part “cheerleader” but wholly focused on helping Members achieve their goals.

What is the purpose of the online Member Forum?

The private online Member Forum is where Members can update each other on progress, share relevant content, and ask each other questions.   It will be a valuable platform to ‘continue the conversation’.

What is the cost of Membership?

Membership is currently offered at $299 per month or $1,500 for 6 months.  For perspective, most Mastermind Groups cost many times this, frequently with hefty four figure initiation fees.  As well, many executive coaches charge $500 - $1,500 per month or more.  This approach is designed to target the unique challenges of startup or ‘SMB’ company Members while maintaining the integrity of the blended Mastermind and coaching model. 

This will be the best, highest yielding investment you can make in yourself and your future!


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