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Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing” offers an innovative and actionable brand strategy model - steeped in practical consumer insights - to help anyone in the business of marketing, branding, and selling to create the strongest possible monetizable relationship to their consumers. The book offers a comprehensive consumer behavior approach - about why, how, and how deeply consumers connect with the various brands in their lives. The book uncovers core motivations of human behavior - exploring fundamental aspects of identity and self-esteem as primary drivers. It presents both the strategy of the model, but also, in the second part of the book, includes a robust FAQ section where the approach is thoroughly 'fleshed out' in practical detail. 

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing” isn't just ‘another marketing book’ full of catch-phrases, prefab jargon, and literary filler. It is intended to represent a meaningful contribution to the thought leadership of the brand and consumer marketing worlds; to offer fresh, new thinking and to wrestle with some of the most profound questions in consumer marketing. 

The book's author, Michael Boulware Moore, is a long time brand strategist, consultant, and adviser to consumer-facing companies. He combines experience managing the Coca-Cola and Jell-O brands early in his career with entrepreneurial and mid-market leadership experience. Over the years, Michael has consulted with a wide variety of companies on their complex marketing and brand challenges. His expertise is in helping companies create the strongest, most emotionally resonant bonds to their consumers. 

Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing” leverages universal concepts like love, identity, and self-esteem in the context of better understanding how we create relationships with the brands in our lives. In the end, the book presents a deeply logical and linear argument about consumer behavior that marketers of all stripes can apply to their brand building efforts. 

This book will make you smarter about brands and consumer behavior. It will empower you with an impactful approach that will enable you to create stronger, more profitable and enduring relationships with your consumers.

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