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Deconstructing Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand is one of the most difficult tasks in business.  There are so many ‘moving parts’ that marketers must get right - from the strategy to the tactics and the creative.  The good news, though, is that despite the myriad of details, there is critical guidance that can meaningfully direct all branding.  In…


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The "Truth" About Beats By Dre

Remember on American Idol when Simon Cowell used to chide singers for being “self indulgent”?  I think he meant that they were more focused on hearing themselves sing than in performing for the audience.  Beats By Dre, the hot headphone company, might be suffering from a similar egotistical…


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Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - Presentation Deck

Over the past four days I have posted chapter summaries of my just finished book, 'Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing'.  It offers a hypothesis about how and why consumers create emotional attachments to the various brands in their lives.  It sheds light on the 'physiology' of branding, offering keen insight into how to more effectively…


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The AMA Gets "Brand" Wrong

“Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

American Marketing…


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On Coca-Cola's Future: 5 Steps to 21st Century Growth

The Coca-Cola company seems to be at an existential crossroads.  As with a number of iconic 19th century companies, its legacy business model is in growing conflict with contemporary consumer realities.  Like Kodak, that was forced to close its consumer photography business because it couldn’t muster the strategic…


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A Brand IS What We Say It Is (Unless We Screw It Up)

Scott Cook, the founder of Intuit, famously said,

“a brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is”.  

That statement, I think, accurately captures the spirit of the…


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How To Be A Great Client (To Get The Most From Your Outside Partners)

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an ecosystem (of suppliers, consultants, and vendors) to grow a business.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 executive, you can’t be your best unless you can successfully marshal the talents and resources of outside service providers.  Being a great client allows you…


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Advertising is Art, But Art Is Not Advertising.

What I mean is that advertising is a subset of the much broader creative world of art.  It is a commercial execution of art.  It's art for a purpose; to sell stuff.  The creativity behind advertising comes from the essence of art.  

That said, art itself is - of course - not advertising.  It is not…


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The True Power of Emotional Branding

The idea that brands should create emotional connections with their consumers has grown dramatically over the last 20 years.  Most marketers now understand that emotions can be powerful drivers of consumer behavior.  The stronger the emotional connection, the greater the consumer engagement.  The greater the consumer engagement, the…


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How To Build A Great Brand With No Marketing Budget

However small your brand may currently be, whether you realize it or not, it has something profoundly in common with global mega-brands like Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola.  At one time they were startups and growing brands just like yours!  

At this point, you may not have…


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The Logic of Emotional Branding

Relative to the enormous role that it plays, emotional branding is probably the least understood and discussed topic in business.  If you compare it to "content marketing", "mobile marketing", or any of…


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For Brands, It's BOTH What & Why!

There’s a lot of content around that seems to be sparked by a thoughtful book and 2010 TedX talk by Simon Sinek.  Essentially, the gist of his argument is that people don’t buy what you do,…


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On The Future of Microsoft

Microsoft seems to be at an unusually critical inflection point now.   What they do in choosing their next CEO will go a long way to determining what they will be in the future; even more than leadership changes at most…


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3 Reasons Why Marketing Must Be 'On Strategy'

As a marketer, you've got to give every dollar you spend the greatest chance of having the biggest impact on sales and profitability.  The only way to do that is by coming up with a plan that presents your brand in its best light, and then hammers home that message consistently.  This is being 'on strategy'.…


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How To Succeed As An Outsider In A Family Owned Business

I’ve had the chance to work in three family owned businesses - one a startup and the other two with several hundred million dollars in revenue.  As a result, I’ve gleaned insights about those environments and how they…


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The 6 Secrets of Strong Brands

It takes a lot to create a strong brand.  Great branding is the residue of product excellence, compelling marketing, and consistent consumer engagement - among other things.  Here are the The 6 Secrets of Strong…


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The Future of Walmart: An Open Letter To New CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart recently announced a new CEO, Doug McMillon - a long time insider.  Leadership changes are prime opportunities for corporate introspection and reassessment.  Is the company heading toward its highest and best strategic…


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When Advertising Insults The Consumer


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Brand Positioning 101: A Coke Case Study

Positioning is the DNA of a brand. It defines its personality, look, feel, and message.  Everything that touches consumers should flow from this strategic blueprint.  Companies select which consumers to market to based upon business factors, and then the brand positioning is constructed to determine what to say and how to engage with them to maximize brand preference and purchase.…


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Everything Communicates in Branding

I had an experience over the weekend that brought into focus one of the most important laws of branding.  I frequently talk and blog, and always advise clients, about the importance of understanding that absolutely…


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