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The Power of Emotion, Even in Tech Ads!

Most large consumer companies understand the profound power of leveraging emotion to maximize the impact of their advertising.  Celebrating the emotional potential of their product pulls consumers in and gives them an even more compelling reason - beyond just features and benefits - to want what you’re selling.  To be sure, a product’s ultimate impact is not just what it does, but how it makes us feel.…


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Pepsi: Forget About Coke. Be Pepsi!

My mother always told me to be myself.  That same advice holds true for brands!  Pepsi has always positioned itself as the more contemporary cola; the younger, hipper, cooler alternative to…


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Top 10 Reasons to Ignore Brand Strategy

10 - You don't think marketing works so what’s the point?…


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Chevy Takes On Porsche. Or Does It?

A recent AdvertisingAge article about the launch of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has me…


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Where Are The Women Creative Directors?

A recent Advertising Age magazine included an ad for a conference entitled "What Women Want From Brands".  In it were the jaw dropping and gargantuanly…


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To Reinvent or Not to Reinvent. That Is The Question!

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek has its annual “How To” section with a little bit of everything squeezed in.  Included is a paragraph by Lew Frankfort,  the CEO of Coach, on how to “Reinvent A Brand”.  It talks about how they are transforming Coach into a women’s lifestyle brand.  He offers the following headlines:…


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5 Tips On How To Pick The Right Ad Agency

For most b2c companies, a high-performing brand is the most productive path to growth.  Branding connects your business to more consumers with compelling messages that encourage them to buy more of what you're selling.  Advertising…


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7 Steps to A High Performing SMB Brand

Any company can have a high performing brand that dramatically increases sales and profits. You don’t have to already be Coca-Cola or Apple to have one.  In fact, small and mid-sized (SMB) business owners should remember that…


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Defense Wins Championships!

Throughout life, there are many instances where a balance of two factors is required for something to be its best.  Think about it, the heart and head, Yin and Yang, male and female, positive and negative polarities, etc.  In advertising, it's really no different.  For an ad to be its…


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Brand For One, Brands For All: A Manifesto

Perhaps the most powerful tool that any B2C company can have to drive sustainable growth for their business is a strong brand.  Rooted in consumer insights, brand strategy, and compelling creative, a brand is a vehicle that both disseminates…


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Ogilvy on Advertising

“I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information. When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting you buy the product.”…


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Advertising Is A Lifestyle





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"What Is A Brand?" Seriously?

The human mind is one of the most complex and mysterious things in the universe. Yet when the word "depression" is spoken, for example, despite it being a concept squarely anchored in the realm of psychology and the mind, it connotes a clear definition and meaning. This is without regard to who says the word, either psychologist, or patient, or psychiatrist, or internist, or talk show host.…


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The Problem with Cannes Lions

The Cannes Lions  spectacular is going on now.  You know, the annual homage to advertising in the south of France.  They describe the event as follows:

"Inspiring Creativity is at the heart of Cannes Lions. The Festival is where creative professionals come to debate, learn and be inspired; where the…


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Posh Spice and Persil: Reconsidered

There’s been an interesting dialog created about the very presence and power of consumer brands.  It was originally sparked by a talk given by Jeremy Bullmore in 2001 - apparently a long time WPP ad man.  In it he posits a number of provocative suppositions about the brand that, to me, are actually quite fascinating coming from someone - seemingly - in…


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Women: Consumers vs. Creative Directors

I just saw a statistic that bears some conversation. 85% of brand purchases are made by women, yet only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women. Is there any logic or business purpose behind this statistic? Has it been established that men know more about women than women do? Maybe its just that women are incapable of creating strategic…


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Muhammad Ali - Louis Vuitton Ad

Sometimes it takes more than just a great image to make a great print ad.  

Let me first acknowledge my biases…


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Updating The "Brand Promise" Metaphor

A brand is frequently characterized as a "promise".  On a  superficial level that may be the case, but the day-to-day reality is much more complex and nuanced.  To me, the word "promise" speaks of a singular, narrow agreement that is unbending.…


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The Resurrection of Advertising

It seems like every few weeks I see a new article proclaiming the death of advertising.  With all due respect, give me a break.  For better or worse, society is becoming even more consumerist, not less.  The fundamental need of companies to share information about their products, brands, and services is getting even more important.  The desire to…


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A Twinkies Turnaround

It's a marketers dream to have the chance to remake a classic.  I've often romantically pondered resuscitating fallen brand powerhouses, re-igniting dormant consumer equity to create new found financial gains.  There's just something about looking at a fallen great brand and thinking that you could do better.  I'm guessing I'm not the only marketer to do that!…


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