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This Johnson's Ad Is 'So Much More'!

Against a sea of mediocre advertising all around, this Johnson’s 30 second spot stands out as refreshingly strong work! In an ad world seemingly dominated by advertising either inappropriately fixated on features and benefits, or way-out creative ideas disconnected from the brand, it’s great to see a…


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Everything Communicates in Branding

I had an experience over the weekend that brought into focus one of the most important laws of branding.  I frequently talk and blog, and always advise clients, about the importance of understanding that absolutely…


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The Power of Emotion, Even in Tech Ads!

Most large consumer companies understand the profound power of leveraging emotion to maximize the impact of their advertising.  Celebrating the emotional potential of their product pulls consumers in and gives them an even more compelling reason - beyond just features and benefits - to want what you’re selling.  To be sure, a product’s ultimate impact is not just what it does, but how it makes us feel.…


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Advertising's "Silly Season" or Why The Super Bowl is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Advertising

The objective of advertising and marketing is to sell product.  Period.  Both have absolutely zero business value outside of their ability to move consumers to buy.  More frequently than you'd think, ad agencies get caught - essentially - running in place.  They come up with admittedly great creative ideas designed to catch one's eye, create a laugh, or otherwise pierce through the veil of consumer awareness.…


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