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Updating The "Brand Promise" Metaphor

A brand is frequently characterized as a "promise".  On a  superficial level that may be the case, but the day-to-day reality is much more complex and nuanced.  To me, the word "promise" speaks of a singular, narrow agreement that is unbending.…


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A Twinkies Turnaround

It's a marketers dream to have the chance to remake a classic.  I've often romantically pondered resuscitating fallen brand powerhouses, re-igniting dormant consumer equity to create new found financial gains.  There's just something about looking at a fallen great brand and thinking that you could do better.  I'm guessing I'm not the only marketer to do that!…


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"Winning Ugly" Brand Strategy

One of my home town baseball teams, the Chicago White Sox, was described during the 1983 season by Doug Rader, manager of the Texas Rangers, as "Winning Ugly". He was trying to dismiss the White Sox style of play which emphasized a kind of scrappiness and bull headed determination rather than consistently good hitting or pitching.

Although I am not, strictly speaking, a White Sox fan, (I live on the north side of the city) I have always appreciated the way this phrase, "winning… Continue

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How to bring Buick back?

I was riding behind a new Buick today and thought about the car and the brand. Big difference. I'm not sure what model it was, but from the back the lines of the car looked quite nice. It came across like a sleek, European sport sedan - definitely a nice look. What crashed it back to Earth for me, though, was the rather large Buick logo/crest on the back. it was definitely a downer - reeking of old, stale, tired, out of date cars that my grandfather might have driven in his youth! :-)…


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What & Why: 'The Brand Farm'?

As an intellectually curious person, I have always gravitated toward dialog and interaction about things of interest to me. Professionally, since my days at Kraft and Coke, that has brought me to content about all aspects of brand marketing, consumer behavior, marketing, corporate strategy, etc.

Online today there are a variety of blogs out there, many by people who are quite accomplished and who "know their stuff". The problem is - I sometimes feel uncomfortable, essentially,… Continue

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