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The "Truth" About Beats By Dre

Remember on American Idol when Simon Cowell used to chide singers for being “self indulgent”?  I think he meant that they were more focused on hearing themselves sing than in performing for the audience.  Beats By Dre, the hot headphone company, might be suffering from a similar egotistical…


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Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing - Presentation Deck

Over the past four days I have posted chapter summaries of my just finished book, 'Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing'.  It offers a hypothesis about how and why consumers create emotional attachments to the various brands in their lives.  It sheds light on the 'physiology' of branding, offering keen insight into how to more effectively…


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The AMA Gets "Brand" Wrong

“Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

American Marketing…


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Advertising is Art, But Art Is Not Advertising.

What I mean is that advertising is a subset of the much broader creative world of art.  It is a commercial execution of art.  It's art for a purpose; to sell stuff.  The creativity behind advertising comes from the essence of art.  

That said, art itself is - of course - not advertising.  It is not…


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The True Power of Emotional Branding

The idea that brands should create emotional connections with their consumers has grown dramatically over the last 20 years.  Most marketers now understand that emotions can be powerful drivers of consumer behavior.  The stronger the emotional connection, the greater the consumer engagement.  The greater the consumer engagement, the…


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How To Build A Great Brand With No Marketing Budget

However small your brand may currently be, whether you realize it or not, it has something profoundly in common with global mega-brands like Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola.  At one time they were startups and growing brands just like yours!  

At this point, you may not have…


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The Logic of Emotional Branding

Relative to the enormous role that it plays, emotional branding is probably the least understood and discussed topic in business.  If you compare it to "content marketing", "mobile marketing", or any of…


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3 Reasons Why Marketing Must Be 'On Strategy'

As a marketer, you've got to give every dollar you spend the greatest chance of having the biggest impact on sales and profitability.  The only way to do that is by coming up with a plan that presents your brand in its best light, and then hammers home that message consistently.  This is being 'on strategy'.…


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Brand Positioning 101: A Coke Case Study

Positioning is the DNA of a brand. It defines its personality, look, feel, and message.  Everything that touches consumers should flow from this strategic blueprint.  Companies select which consumers to market to based upon business factors, and then the brand positioning is constructed to determine what to say and how to engage with them to maximize brand preference and purchase.…


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Top 10 Reasons to Ignore Brand Strategy

10 - You don't think marketing works so what’s the point?…


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5 Tips On How To Pick The Right Ad Agency

For most b2c companies, a high-performing brand is the most productive path to growth.  Branding connects your business to more consumers with compelling messages that encourage them to buy more of what you're selling.  Advertising…


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7 Steps to A High Performing SMB Brand

Any company can have a high performing brand that dramatically increases sales and profits. You don’t have to already be Coca-Cola or Apple to have one.  In fact, small and mid-sized (SMB) business owners should remember that…


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Defense Wins Championships!

Throughout life, there are many instances where a balance of two factors is required for something to be its best.  Think about it, the heart and head, Yin and Yang, male and female, positive and negative polarities, etc.  In advertising, it's really no different.  For an ad to be its…


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Brand For One, Brands For All: A Manifesto

Perhaps the most powerful tool that any B2C company can have to drive sustainable growth for their business is a strong brand.  Rooted in consumer insights, brand strategy, and compelling creative, a brand is a vehicle that both disseminates…


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Advertising Is A Lifestyle





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"What Is A Brand?" Seriously?

The human mind is one of the most complex and mysterious things in the universe. Yet when the word "depression" is spoken, for example, despite it being a concept squarely anchored in the realm of psychology and the mind, it connotes a clear definition and meaning. This is without regard to who says the word, either psychologist, or patient, or psychiatrist, or internist, or talk show host.…


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The Resurrection of Advertising

It seems like every few weeks I see a new article proclaiming the death of advertising.  With all due respect, give me a break.  For better or worse, society is becoming even more consumerist, not less.  The fundamental need of companies to share information about their products, brands, and services is getting even more important.  The desire to…


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A Twinkies Turnaround

It's a marketers dream to have the chance to remake a classic.  I've often romantically pondered resuscitating fallen brand powerhouses, re-igniting dormant consumer equity to create new found financial gains.  There's just something about looking at a fallen great brand and thinking that you could do better.  I'm guessing I'm not the only marketer to do that!…


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Beware the Cover Art

Change is really hard.

Whenever one considers changing a system – even if it’s to innovate and improve that system, there are always a number of good reasons to avoid the change altogether and keep things as they are. Is it worth the effort, the risk and the cost to change something that works now? Will the old way be missed? Will something valuable be lost if there is change? These are all legitimate and often used questions that can and occasionally should stop… Continue

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What & Why: 'The Brand Farm'?

As an intellectually curious person, I have always gravitated toward dialog and interaction about things of interest to me. Professionally, since my days at Kraft and Coke, that has brought me to content about all aspects of brand marketing, consumer behavior, marketing, corporate strategy, etc.

Online today there are a variety of blogs out there, many by people who are quite accomplished and who "know their stuff". The problem is - I sometimes feel uncomfortable, essentially,… Continue

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