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The Strategy of Image Advertising

Image advertising can be one of the most powerful tools in all of marketing. Beyond simply telling what a product does, image ads encourage consumers to actually feel more about a brand. And it is in those feelings that meaningful brand equity, loyalty, and consumption growth can be best stimulated.…


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Cadillac and the Reinvention of American Luxury

An Open (and Friendly)  Letter To Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen


Dear Mr. de Nysschen:


There seems to be lots going on at Cadillac. New president. New CMO. New headquarters. New…


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Reebok: "Be More Human"? No, Be More Strategic.

Here's the new positioning and advertising from Reebok with the tagline - "Be More Human".

Reebok is attempting to rise from the ashes; to rebuild themselves in the sports footwear/apparel marketplace. This new campaign and positioning is an ambitious stab at contemporary relevance.  

It doesn't work.



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Innovation in the Cola Wars

The carbonated soft drink (CSD) business is reeling. Volume at both Coke and Pepsi has dropped for years and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Most point to two causal factors. One, “sodas” have become a prime PR target of the health movement against high calorie, unhealthy food and drinks. Second, soft drinks have lost significant…


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Your Consumer Target: What You Need To Know

One of the most powerful laws of marketing is also one of the most counterintuitive. As such, many companies just get it plain wrong - with their brand and sales suffering as a result. Now, you don’t have to:



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Brand Management is NOT Dead!

You probably have read the popular quote from a tech exec who said “your brand isn't what you say it is, its what your consumers say it is”. This infers that in today’s increasingly social world, that consumers are the ones who control the dialog and direction of brands.



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The Samsung Solution

As mentioned in my last blog, Samsung is reevaluating its smartphone business on the heels of disappointing Galaxy S5 sales and profits. The Wall St. Journal summarized their problem by writing that Samsung “lost ground to…


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Samsung: Here's What Went Wrong

Last week, Samsung reported significant sales and profit declines due to softness in the Galaxy S5 business. As a result, the world’s largest smartphone maker by shipments is said to be evaluating their smartphone business going forward. While the Wall St. Journal reports pressure from Chinese vendors as a key factor, their smartphone…


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The "Truth" About Beats By Dre

Remember on American Idol when Simon Cowell used to chide singers for being “self indulgent”?  I think he meant that they were more focused on hearing themselves sing than in performing for the audience.  Beats By Dre, the hot headphone company, might be suffering from a similar egotistical…


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A Brand IS What We Say It Is (Unless We Screw It Up)

Scott Cook, the founder of Intuit, famously said,

“a brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is”.  

That statement, I think, accurately captures the spirit of the…


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For Brands, It's BOTH What & Why!

There’s a lot of content around that seems to be sparked by a thoughtful book and 2010 TedX talk by Simon Sinek.  Essentially, the gist of his argument is that people don’t buy what you do,…


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3 Reasons Why Marketing Must Be 'On Strategy'

As a marketer, you've got to give every dollar you spend the greatest chance of having the biggest impact on sales and profitability.  The only way to do that is by coming up with a plan that presents your brand in its best light, and then hammers home that message consistently.  This is being 'on strategy'.…


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The 6 Secrets of Strong Brands

It takes a lot to create a strong brand.  Great branding is the residue of product excellence, compelling marketing, and consistent consumer engagement - among other things.  Here are the The 6 Secrets of Strong…


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The Future of Walmart: An Open Letter To New CEO Doug McMillon

Walmart recently announced a new CEO, Doug McMillon - a long time insider.  Leadership changes are prime opportunities for corporate introspection and reassessment.  Is the company heading toward its highest and best strategic…


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When Advertising Insults The Consumer


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Brand Positioning 101: A Coke Case Study

Positioning is the DNA of a brand. It defines its personality, look, feel, and message.  Everything that touches consumers should flow from this strategic blueprint.  Companies select which consumers to market to based upon business factors, and then the brand positioning is constructed to determine what to say and how to engage with them to maximize brand preference and purchase.…


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Pepsi: Forget About Coke. Be Pepsi!

My mother always told me to be myself.  That same advice holds true for brands!  Pepsi has always positioned itself as the more contemporary cola; the younger, hipper, cooler alternative to…


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Chevy Takes On Porsche. Or Does It?

A recent AdvertisingAge article about the launch of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has me…


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To Reinvent or Not to Reinvent. That Is The Question!

The latest Bloomberg Businessweek has its annual “How To” section with a little bit of everything squeezed in.  Included is a paragraph by Lew Frankfort,  the CEO of Coach, on how to “Reinvent A Brand”.  It talks about how they are transforming Coach into a women’s lifestyle brand.  He offers the following headlines:…


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7 Steps to A High Performing SMB Brand

Any company can have a high performing brand that dramatically increases sales and profits. You don’t have to already be Coca-Cola or Apple to have one.  In fact, small and mid-sized (SMB) business owners should remember that…


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