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Emotional Benefits: Group vs Self Identity

To pick up from the previous post, we are all motivated by the goal for self actualization, but self-actualization can only be achieved after we have met our "social needs" and "esteem needs". Social needs refer to our desire to belong, to have friends, to be in a group, to have community. Esteem needs refer to our desire for self identity, self respect, and independence from a group. Group identity vs self identity. The emotional benefit of any brand "ladders" up to these higher order… Continue

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Emotional Needs: Hello Maslow

Brand builders continue to primarily rely on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a conceptual framework for understanding the motivation of their consumers. In a nutshell, this model proposes that all emotional needs “ladder up” to our ultimate pursuit for self actualization. Read more here.

A fair amount of academic debate continues on what the hierarchy looks like after physiological needs are met.… Continue

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Emotional Benefits

When consumers interact with a brand, there is an emotional consequence. Brand failure, even in the most insignificant categories, can cause frustration, anger, even embarrassment. Brand success can lift spirits and turn a bad day around. What’s interesting is these emotional consequences are often not just directed at the brand, but at the user. Ever felt like a sucker for buying a brand? Ever felt more confident about yourself when using a brand?

As a brand builder, the goal is to… Continue

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On Performance

When evaluating performance, marketers often make two mistakes: (1) relying solely on technical testing to evaluate performance & (2) too narrowly defining the performance window.

Most marketers trying to make a superiority claim end up spending an inordinate amount of time with their legal department. The legal department requires technical proof that a product performs significantly better on a performance dimension (e.g., cleans better) than competition. Elaborate test are… Continue

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Competitive Set

Consumers make choices. Either consciously or sub-conciously, before they use your brand, they consider their options.

And let's be clear, this isn't just about purchase, it's about use. Once they buy, they still have to decide to use. And this is important because it's only after use that they can reward you with...repurchase.

Stories of brands that failed to understand their competitive set are legion. Oh most of us understand the core-category competitive set (who is… Continue

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Functional Benefits

Unlike Seinfeld (the show about nothing) brands are about something. To have value, they must have benefit. Ultimately, the consumer asks, "What's this do for me?"

Brands deliver functional and emotional benefits to their users. Both are essential, but I believe the functional benefit is precedent in brand building. Everything else builds on this decision and no amount of marketing overcomes a mistake in this area.

Brands exist inside competitive sets or categories, and… Continue

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