3 Reasons Why Marketing Must Be 'On Strategy'

As a marketer, you've got to give every dollar you spend the greatest chance of having the biggest impact on sales and profitability.  The only way to do that is by coming up with a plan that presents your brand in its best light, and then hammers home that message consistently.  This is being 'on strategy'.  While it may sound logical, you’d be surprised how many forget this.


Ensuring that all your marketing is ‘on strategy’ is critical for three primary reasons:


  1. Integrity: having brand messages or experiences that are inconsistent is like a country music radio station playing rap.  It just doesn't make sense and confuses consumers as to who you really are.  Most examples are less obvious (perhaps a classic rock station playing grunge), but nonetheless have no choice but to negatively impact brand perception and sales.


  1. Efficiency:  If you've taken the time to thoughtfully develop the most persuasive argument about your brand, then you’ve just simply got to ensure that all consumer interaction must reinforce that message - from your core product/service, to the customer support experience, to advertising, to promotions, to your social media presence, to your pricing, to your packaging etc.  Everything must communicate that same, optimal, message - in whatever form the interaction takes.


  1. Impact: today, consumers are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages a day.  The only way to break through the clutter - and to stick in consumers minds - is to not only have the right message (to be 'on strategy'), but to repeat it as often, and in as many ways, as you can.  Most companies won’t have the media dollars to drive home a message like Fortune 100 behemoths do.  That means that absolutely every dollar you spend needs to say both the right thing and the same thing - so as to have the greatest chance to be “heard” and to influence consumers to buy.


There is a lot of money wasted in marketing from people who shoot from the hip without the benefit of sound consumer insight driven brand strategy.  Creating strategic communications with integrity, efficiency, and impact is the way to give yourself the greatest chance that every marketing dollar spent works its hardest to drive revenue and profitability.   


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