Great advertising can be one of the best investments that any B2C company can make. Compelling branding can inspire consumers to ride a wave of product growth; it can also sustain the business during lean times. Here's some context to help think about how to approach advertising at your company.  

First, advertising is about creating a relationship with your consumers.  Like any relationship, it takes consistent positive effort over time to establish trust and an emotional connection.  You could drop a lot of money on one advertising effort and call it a day.  You most likely would even see some results, but - absent consistency of effort and message - those results would have no choice but to be short-lived.   Put another way, you can’t just start advertising one day and expect to be Apple the next.  Heck, it took them 30+ years.

Advertising is a lifestyle.  It’s an approach to doing business - to creating monetizable consumer connections.  Like physical exercise, even if you've never done it before - taking just one walk is probably going to do some good.  
That said, evaluating your commitment to future exercise based on a perceived ROI of that one walk is completely nonsensical.  Similarly, trying to evaluate the ROI of 'one-off' advertising efforts is just as misguided.  To gain its true power and potential, advertising takes time and consistent effort.  
If you’re not committed to that kind of approach, then it’s probably better to just spend the money on something else.

Like with exercise, in advertising, to reap the greatest rewards you’ve got to buy into the lifestyle.  That the best of those who do this are multi-billion dollar global brands proves that this approach works.  It can work for you too.

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