Advertising is Art, But Art Is Not Advertising.

What I mean is that advertising is a subset of the much broader creative world of art.  It is a commercial execution of art.  It's art for a purpose; to sell stuff.  The creativity behind advertising comes from the essence of art.  

That said, art itself is - of course - not advertising.  It is not constrained in purpose and function in the way that advertising is.  It doesn’t have the purely business objective that advertising does.  

While it may sound trite, this is a distinction that deserves more careful understanding.  

Too much advertising comes from beautiful art but doesn't have the more strategic business elements that advertising must have to be effective.  

Too many people think that advertising can work if you merely slap a logo on something entertaining.  

Paint a compelling picture and then put a logo on it.  That’s not effective advertising.  The best advertising leverages the talent, tools, and spirit of art but focuses it in a way that produces business results.  

Art is designed to move people.  Advertising is designed to move the needle!  

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