Cultivating Profitable Brand Experiences

Frequently, a relatively simple adjustment to one’s perspective can have a dramatic impact on productivity. For example, in leadership, embracing a service orientation toward employees can mean all the difference in the world to inspiring top performance.


In consumer marketing, there’s a similarly small but powerful adjustment that can also yield tremendous results.


In brand management, it's so easy to get stuck in the weeds; to become fixated on executing the myriad of moving parts required to build a brand. Doing this risks losing sight of a fundamental human insight at the very core of what drives consumer business.  


It’s critically important to understand that - without regard to whatever you’re selling - in the end, all consumer marketers are really in the experience business!


Let me explain.


  • Our interactions (with people, things, etc.) form experiences.


  • Our experiences create emotions.  


  • Emotions form a sort of psychological frame around the memory of our experiences.


  • The greater the emotional impact - the bigger the frame around our experiences - and the more memorable those experiences are.


  • We are naturally drawn to things that make us feel good - however we define that. The better that something makes us feel, the more we are drawn to it; the more we are compelled to recreate that experience and feeling.


That’s branding! Our interactions with products creates experiences. Those experiences make us feel something. The better it makes us feel, the more we want to do more of it. Period. (See Deconstructing Brand Strategy to better understand how/why something makes us feel good.)


As marketers, it’s critical that we think not just about the physical performance of our products, but also about the the emotional impact that it creates. What experience and emotions does it generate? How does tweaking the product and/or marketing impact the overall experience? How do those emotions impact your consumers? Since experiences are the arbiters of brand equity and loyalty, how can I create even stronger brand experiences?


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