This is a great print ad.  No, its not the sexiest, most beautiful image, nor the most compelling or world changing product.  But unlike most ads of all kinds, it actually accomplishes the principal objectives of consumer advertising.  

First, the ad solves a compelling consumer problem; how to safely tote your precious laptop from point A to B.  Most important though, it positions the product as both the "star" of the ad, but critically - it presents it as a solution to a compelling emotional challenge.  It leverages a deep emotional reservoir (around success and achievement) to get beyond the idea of just being another laptop bag. On the contrary, it taps into why millions of people work: to accomplish things, to put food on the table, and to realize one's aspirations and professional dreams!


It might not be artistically sublime, but it grabs attention and effectively fuses an emotional solution to a widespread problem.  


Five Stars!

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Tags: critique, emotion, print, samsonite, strategy


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