The Top 10 Laws of The Most Valuable Brands


There are a concrete set of 'best practices' that drive growth at the most valuable brands. It doesn’t matter what the product is - from technology to food to sporting goods to spices - if it is a consumer brand, then these are the rules that you’ve got to follow to grow most effectively and efficiently.


1. A strong brand starts and ends with fundamental consumer insights. You’ve got to commit to always learning more about your consumers - nuances of their identity, what problem you solve for them, what makes you special and different, what emotional value you add, etc.

2. Thou shalt have a strategic, compelling, and differentiating brand positioning that answers the seminal question: ‘Why “your brand?’”! Consumer insights feed creation and growth of your brand positioning.

3. All consumer touch points must flow from your brand positioning. Presuming your positioning reflects the most powerful things you can say to persuade consumers to like and buy your brand, this strategic and creative discipline is necessary to ‘break through the clutter’ to make your marketing and media dollars be most effective.

4. Whatever you’re selling, understand that you’re really in the experience business. Do all you can to create emotional attachments to your brand experience.

5. Become a part of your consumers' lives. Engage with them in as many mediums and ways that you can. Create a relationship with them

6. Once you create a strong relationship with your consumers - you can then monetize that relationship with complementary products and services consistent with your positioning. For example, Apple created a relationship with consumers around innovative technology and design via their personal computers - and then introduced iPods and iPhones and now watches to complement that. Amazon initially established equity with consumers around selling books online, and now sells just about anything.

7. Advertising is a lifestyle. Do it consistently with the right message targeted to the right consumers at the right time.

8. Seize opportunities to surprise and delight your consumers, which can bond them to your brand even more than ordinary. (Brain science tells us that the element of surprise magnifies the impact of an experience 4X than normal.)

9. Nurture and manage a strategic company culture that supports your brand positioning and promise. It’s not a coincidence that the strongest brands also have the strongest corporate cultures.

10. Think about value, not price. Price is only ever an issue in the absence of value.

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