To Get People To Buy More, Make Them FEEL More!

People interact with all kinds of brands that do all sorts of things. The strongest brands - the ones we feel most connected and loyal to, and the ones we spend the most money on - are not necessarily the ones that do the most for us. They are the ones that make us feel the best.


The decision ‘to buy’ or ‘not to buy’ is a complex calculus, much of which happens subconsciously. In general, we buy things based upon what gives us the biggest bang for our buck. That “bang” is a meld of both physical, product interaction, and emotional benefit. We buy iPhones, for example, for both what they do, but also because of what the Apple and iPhone brands confer on us in the way of good feelings.


As I’ve written about previously, other phones actually do more than iPhones, but no other phone experience delivers a greater combination of physical and emotional benefits.


Here’s how I see it:


  • All our interactions in the world - with products, services, people, etc. - form experiences.


  • Our experiences generate emotions (how we feel about our experiences; how they impact us).


  • So, ultimately, everything we do, and all of our experiences, end up being infused (and stored) with the emotions that those experiences generate.


  • Therefore, in the end, something’s lasting impact is not so much what it does physically as much as its how it makes us feel (e.g. the difference between a brand and its private label twin). The enduring impact of a consumer product - beyond its features and benefits - is how it makes us feel!


  • The better something makes us feel, the more we want to do it!


  • So, to get people to buy more, get them to feel more!


This leads, undoubtedly, to the question of how to do this. How to get people to feel more.  While I wrote a whole book on that question (Bridging The Gaps, The Love of Marketing: Inside The Heart and Mind...) - a distillation of that thinking can be found here: Deconstructing Brand Strategy.

In the end though, just remember: To Get People To Buy More, Get Them To FEEL More!

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