Women: Consumers vs. Creative Directors

I just saw a statistic that bears some conversation. 85% of brand purchases are made by women, yet only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women. Is there any logic or business purpose behind this statistic? Has it been established that men know more about women than women do? Maybe its just that women are incapable of creating strategic advertising messages to each other?

If general market companies go to multi-cultural agencies because they believe those firms can best deliver work targeted for those consumers, then should the vast majority of general market agencies, actually, be led by women - since, apparently, the vast majority of general market brand purchases are made by women? (Note: this is not an opening for rants against multi-cultural agencies!) :-)

Advertisers are constantly (and justifiably) bemoaning the effectiveness of work by their agencies. Could the lack of women in leadership roles in ad agencies bear some part of the problem? Is patriarchy standing in the way of better advertising?

What do you think?

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