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Comment by Michael B. Moore on February 3, 2014 at 3:48pm

This is a perfect illustration of a commercial where its Big Creative Idea overshadows the brand and business objectives of the advertising.  The execution of the Audi Doberhuahua spot is brilliant.  It's hilarious.  It's one of the more memorable moments of the entire evening - game included.  The problem is that it is SO funny and arresting that that's what you remember and not the Audi A3.

The agency creatives made a solid effort to bolt Audi onto the back :15 seconds of the spot.  It just wasn't a strategic enough fit or a strong enough presence to balance the funny stuff.  There was no effort to hint at who the ad was for in the comedic front end.  Certainly, it could have been for any number of advertisers who employ humor as a part of their branding.  

I always say, it's not enough to present your brand as a product placement in your own advertising.  Upon reflection, this ad seemed more about the agency flexing its considerable creative chops than in building the Audi brand or selling the A3 model. 

Humor can be an extremely powerful tool in advertising.  That said, advertising only works if the brand it is for is presented as the unique solution to a consumer problem.  Moreover, the brand must be the clear hero of the ad.  In this instance, there's no question that the Doberhuahua was the center of attention.  Perhaps if the creatives had tried to integrate the duality of the vehicle into the storyline a bit earlier it could have "harnessed" a bit more of the value of the ad.  As is, the world will remember the Doberhuahua ad, not the Audi ad.  And therein lies a tremendously missed opportunity for both Audi and their agency!


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