Evian Roller Babies Commercial

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on June 16, 2012 at 11:20am

This is a very funny ad.  I'm not typically prone to, literally, laughing out loud, but I was seriously doing so with this.  It's even more funny to me because my sister and her husband met street skating and have a six month old who is probably genetically predisposed to skate just like this. 

I understand the "Live Young" theme.  It works to reinforce the fitness and health drivers for Evian.  I "get" the use of the kids (i.e. young) in this way.  It's certainly over-the-top funny and therefore noteworthy.  The Big Creative Idea (BCI) of the kids skating works really very well.  It's a very creative idea and was executed brilliantly.  It takes the eTrade Baby to a completely other level.  

I think it's less of an effective piece of advertising, though, than a great piece of nano-cinema.  In my opinion,  the babies dramatically overpower the Evian brand.  The BCI is just much bigger than the brand and there's not enough about the spot that lets Evian take ownership of the story.  As well, although the humor is off the charts, there's really not quite the emotional impact that might have better connected the brand to consumers.

Now, the creators of the spot tried to link the humor to the brand.  There's the second or two in the middle  that cuts to an Evian frame.   Of course, there are also the bookends on the front and back, and the product shot toward the end.  It's that the CGI was just too good.  Too funny.  It overwhelms the branding leaving consumers far more moved by the kids than influenced by the brand that presented those kids.  This is one of those ads that people will be talking about for a week after they saw it, but forget the brand that it came from.

What could have been done better?  The most obvious thing to make this a stronger piece of advertising would have been to show the kids actually drinking the product.  It's actually rather conspicuous that amid the rigorous athletic activity that we don't see them refreshing themselves with Evian. Why not???  

In addition to better integrating brand ID throughout, this would also serve the strategic purpose of elevating the brand to an active part of the story.  As is, Evian is just akin to the 'presenting sponsor' of the ad and a mere prop(or product placement) in the advertising.   In fact, actually having the kids skating around the bottles - literally presenting the brand as a prop - is a major strategic error.  Is that really the highest and best use of Evian - as cones on the street?  

Beyond that, as is, you can remove Evian and replace it with any other water brand, any isotonic, really anything.  This could be a Heinz ketchup commercial.  It could be a Carter's baby clothes ad.  There was almost no effort to integrate Evian into the story of the ad.


So, if I'm leading the Evian business, this ad thrills me with the laughs it creates.  Of course I'm happy that 100 million more eyeballs saw it than I paid for.  Think about how much happier the business folks would be, though, if the brand was much more meaningfully embedded into the story so that Evian was was the true star of the ad? What good are the laughs if consumers don't attach my brand to it?  The technology is great though, so I would push for an even better sequel, but with Evian as the hero and the kids actually drinking it.  

Great cinema.  Some challenges as a piece of advertising.  Three stars.


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