This is a pair of Levi's®, buttons and rivets and pockets and cuffs, and the thread that holds it together...

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on September 12, 2012 at 9:26am

I love this ad!  This 60 second spot is a veritable manifesto for the Levi's brand.  It's an ode to youthful, urban fashion and style.  It is powerful in that it's aspirational - for both the brand and for its consumers.  The spot positions Levi's as the brand for those who are 'doing their thing' with style in today's contemporary world.  Further, it does that in a way that - I'm guessing - captures the imagination of those within that target.

It personifies the pace, feel, and style of today's youth.  More importantly, the ad positions the Levi's brand as a central part of the DNA of what's hip and (dare I say) cool.  

The spot has great brand ownership for Levi's.  It starts and finishes with the words, "This is a pair of Levi's".  It is chock full of a beautiful smorgasbord of different genders and races and colors, shot in the gritty and "real" backdrop of NYC.

This is just a great piece of advertising that goes a long way toward recalibrating Levi's back to the heart of young people.  It delivers powerful copy, in poetic form!  It communicates that Levi's is the essence of hip and current.  It delivers the business objectives of celebrating the brand, but also says that Levi's is more than just jeans.  

This is just a very very strong ad!  Five stars - cause we don't have six!


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