Maserati's 2014 Superbowl ad

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on February 4, 2014 at 10:59am

This is great, great, great cinema!  It is a beautiful amalgam of images, sounds, and copy telling a strategic and powerful story.  Unlike the Audi ad, there is strong linkage between the entertainment part of the spot and the selling or brand-building part.  

I would have appreciated some subtle branding a bit earlier in the spot than 1:10 (of 1:30), but reasonable advertising and marketing minds can disagree on this point.  What makes this work far better than most ads that leave the brand until the tail end is that the spot is telling a strategic story about the brand.  It is setting the stage for the creative climax - that is the dramatic presentation of the Maserati vehicle (and experience) in all its splendor!

It's one thing to take the advertising model that strives to almost singularly entertain but then finish with a "brought to you by" kind of product placement at the very end - many times which is thematically disjointed from what preceded it.  In most instances while this approach may win awards for the agency, it is a huge waste of time for the advertiser.  It doesn't move the needle

It's quite another to use powerful creative to tell an emotionally compelling story about the brand (however subtly) and then deliver a strong and strategic punch of a product and brand pay-off!

Very well done Maserati!  Very well done!!


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