Watch the latest Red Bull commercial, featuring The World of Red Bull, from DJ and break dancing competitions to 1-on-1 basketball on Alcatraz. Big air, big ...

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on May 26, 2012 at 9:07pm

Red Bull is the son of No Fear - the 90's "extreme" brand that created the attitude and edge brand and advertising genre.  In fact, it's probably not unfair to say that the Red Bull brand pretty much glides in No Fear's slip stream.  Now, to be sure, the Red Bull business is FAR more evolved and powerful than No Fear ever was, but the genetic link of the brands is undeniable.  In fact, Red Bull is what No Fear should have evolved into - perhaps had it been as interested in building its business as it was in living the lifestyle. 

This is a great ad!  It inspires.  It excites.  It delivers insight into the various nuances of the Red Bull brand.  It is aspirational.  It oozes edge and attitude and positions Red Bull at the zenith of performance and high achievement.  It's difficult to imagine anyone - whatever walk of life they may come from - under the age of 50 seeing this and not being moved by it.  One might wonder whether this ad should accomplish more business objectives, but for a business and culture built on brand imagery and with billions of dollars worth of marketing "arms and legs", one can't reasonably criticize this ad in that way.

Five Stars.  Great work!


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