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Comment by Michael B. Moore on July 23, 2012 at 10:59am

The winner, and NEW champion - SILK.  The absolute worst ad in the world!  

What on Earth was Silk and their agency thinking?  Let's take our product and ingloriously throw it in the face of a woman in her front yard.  Yeah, that's it!  Unless the strategy was to just do anything to get people talking about the product with an insanely odd commercial that strains logic and decency, this is a complete fail.  Even if that is the strategy, this just doesn't make any sense.  It doesn't offer anything compelling about the product.  It doesn't, in my view, encourage anyone to buy more of this product.

Most marketers are trying to showcase their brand in a way that builds equity and contributes to positive consumer perception about why people should buy their product.  I'm guessing the primary value proposition for soy milk is around health and goodness - and as a milk alternative.  Yet, the best they can do is this?

I don't get it.  Does anyone think this will sell Silk?  Does anyone see the strategy here?


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