Beautiful cinema. How does it stack up as a piece of advertising?

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Comment by Michael B. Moore on September 18, 2013 at 12:43pm

Advertising and (nano) cinema are not synonymous.  Cinema is a form or art.  It’s about creative expression.  Sure, most (feature) movies are about making money, but the creative aspect of that endeavor flows from a free-form quest to tell a good story.


Advertising - on the other hand - is about selling.  To be good, its got to influence people to buy something.  While cinema is an end unto itself, advertising must inspire someone to actually DO something.  A great ad deposits a compelling commercial message in people’s minds. 


Ad agencies frequently confuse the two.  


It’s not enough to merely slap a logo at the end of a piece of nano-cinema - no matter how good it is.  Actually, the better the work, the less someone will remember the few seconds of logo at the tail end.  How many times have we all remembered a spot but forgotten who it was for?


Marketers, why settle for disconnected creative that doesn’t really reveal anything about your brand or product/service?  Why settle for telling a story that doesn't have your brand as the clear star of the show?  Why be relegated to an afterthought in something you are paying for that is designed to sell your stuff?


This ad is a viral hit.  It’s bouncing around the world as we speak because of its emotive power.  I guarantee you the vast majority of people have no clue what the ad is for or what it wants you to do.  That makes it a bad ad.


Sorry creatives - great nano-cinema, but if it fails in its mandate to sell - then it’s just not good advertising.



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